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Security on Bandenia Websites

The Security Policy of Bandenia establishes our clients' data protection as one of our top priorities. For this it adds high security standards to its applications and systems and it implements the most advanced protective measures in order to look after the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

  • All the information that is transmits between the PC of the client and our systems via internet uses the protocol SSL-128 bits. This encrypted one impedes that a third party accesses the above-mentioned information flow.
  • Use of a digital certificate issued by Digicert, an international certification authority, guarantees that you are connected to Bandenia. A digital certificate is a digital document protected by cryptographic techniques that guarantees identities on the internet.
  • Our computer systems are protected from the exterior by a system of firewalls, anti-virus and anti-intrusion software programmes, that avoid any attack and isolate the software environment.
  • In Bandenia we carry out a constant monitoring of all applications and an immediate follow-up of incidences in our Internet service.
  • All the information stored is physically isolated with maximum security measures, likewise the regularly made back-up copies guarantee the supervision of these data.

Besides all of this, because of the changing technological environment in which we find ourselves, we are in an ongoing process of evolution of our electronic, physical and logical security techniques. If you have any doubt about Oficina Internet Security, do not hesitate in contacting us on our Customer Service phone number (+) 1 800 854 5031 or our Security Department